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Purchasing Prints

Prints are available in limited editions of 25 from the South Main Gallery  SoMa, 279 East 6th Avenue Vancouver, BC Canada (604.565.5622) ( The images are printed on archival cotton paper, 17" by 22," using high fidelity archival pigment inks.

Looking Ashore

Looking Ashore

Archival Pigment Ink on Cotton Paper, 22 by 17 inches


Currently, our publications are for sale on the Blurb website

Contact: sassamattimages (at) gmail (dot) com

Curatorial Projects

As curators, Edward Peck and Phyllis Schwartz engage local and international artists in a conversation to develop an exhibition. They offer participating artists the opportunity to collaborate and develop a body of work for exhibition. This collective approach invites diverse artists to work together: creating opportunities for collaboration and conversations about artist practices, the creative process and community engagement. Out of this process, a thematic approach to each exhibition is developed. 

Curatorial Projects


Intervals: Photography in FluxCapture Photography Exhibition 2016,

March 31st - April 9th, 2016

South Main Gallery  SoMa, 279 East 6th Avenue Vancouver, BC Canada

This exhibition is part of the international Capture Photography Exhibition and  is about the transitory nature of photography. Every image, depending on time, location, viewer, and context, is constantly in transition. Photographers create meaning that fluctuates in the intervals between their images—whether it be the intervals between the shutter opening and closing, the intervals between the images on the wall, the interval between the image and the material on which it is presented, or the interval between the meaning that arises and changes in the viewer as they move between images. Intervals presents the work of seven contemporary photographers based in Vancouver, Victoria, Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Iran who explore the rhythms and tension of their geographical, social, and psychological landscapes.


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